The Television

***Recently, while going through the family home after losing my mother to Covid, I came across the writing of my great-grandmother, Minnie Louise Bumphrey, who was a published writer and poet. Over the next few days I will be sharing her works on my blog. This poem was initially untitled and fascinates me as she shares her memories of the pre-television days***

We used to go to the shows each week.

T’was fun back in those days.

But now we have a television and it sure has changed our ways.

We went uptown on Saturdays, we did our shopping then, and went onto a picture show, had lunch and Five & Ten.

Yes, it was fun and all the week I’d look forward to that day, but now we have a television, those day are passed away.

We sit all Sunday afternoon just watching our own shows and every night it is the same, uptown we never go.

Old folks are getting stiffer from sitting much too long and young folks, well they’ll get stif, too. You see? It’s just all wrong.

I don’t know if you’re lucky to have no shows at home.

Sometimes I get to thinking, t’was much more fun to roam.

*** Originally written by Minnie Louise Bumphrey of Kewanee, Illinois.***

Brenda Thornlow is an author, animal advocate, and certified Reiki Master from New York. Her books can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.