The Mystery of Patricia Jean Schneider

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Currently I am working on a project and interested in finding any information that may be available about Patricia Jean Schneider. There is very little to be found about this case. If there are any details that can be added to this story or if any crucial information has been left out, please feel free to contact me.

Patricia Jean Schneider was a twenty-five-year-old young woman from Pedley California who went missing in the early morning hours of July 31, 1982. Patricia had completed her shift at the Palomino Station in Indian Hills, CA where she worked as a cocktail waitress. At 3:45 AM that morning, Patricia stopped at a Circle K convenience store on Limonite, between Riverside and Mira Loma in Pedley to make a phone call as her car had just broken down. Patricia drove a brown and white 1974 Toyota Celica, license plate number 018POF. The clerk at the Circle K claimed seeing two sandy-haired men in the parking lot at the same time as Patricia but was unsure as to whether or not these men knew her.

Between 5:00 and 6:00 am that same day, a Riverside County sheriff’s deputy discovered her car in a field near the intersection of Van Buren Boulevard and Doolittle Avenues. Her car had deliberately been set on fire and Patricia was nowhere to be found.

To this day, no one has seen Patricia since that early morning at the Circle K. It is unknown as to whether or not the two men seen in the parking lot at the same time as her have anything to do with her disappearance. As mentioned above, there is almost no information available about Patricia and her disappearance has never been solved. There is nothing about her personal life such as who she may have been dating, if anyone had a grudge against her, or if there had been someone who frequented her work that may have had an obsession with her.

If you or anyone you know has any knowledge, I’m sure she has family and other loved ones would appreciate nothing more than to discover what became of her.

The last time she was seen, Patricia was twenty-five-years-old, had blonde hair blue, eyes was 5'4" and weighed approximately 115 pounds. She went by the nickname Patti and she may have also gone by the last name Underhill.

The Charley Project:

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