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  • Cindy Meacham

    Cindy Meacham

  • Ajay Gupta

    Ajay Gupta

    Ajay Gupta is the best selling author of two books ‘Word of God Bhagavad Gita’ and ‘Want to Know God: For Young and Old.’ — His books are available on Amazon.

  • Lolly True crime

    Lolly True crime

    Lolly’s True Crime World cold case review specialists, researchers and true crime writers. Unsolved crime investigation is our passion.

  • Sandra Arriaga

    Sandra Arriaga

    UX padawan

  • Marguerite Arnold

    Marguerite Arnold

    Marguerite has covered the legal cannabis industry internationally from Germany for over six years and is the author of several books plus a Cannatech geek

  • Avantika Shukla

    Avantika Shukla

    Magister Scientiae, Environment and Earth Sciences. https://linktr.ee/ecoregimen

  • S.A. Ozbourne

    S.A. Ozbourne

    Canadian in Japan. Teacher, Crime writer, video editor, and pet lover. Follow my journey via my monthly newsletter: https://bit.ly/team-ozsome-subscribe

  • Andrew Falastin

    Andrew Falastin

    A writer willing to giving his raw opinion on how he views the world.

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